Col. Abihudi Newton Nalingigwa (rtd) – Commissioner

CommissinerMr. Kariuki was appointed Director – General of the Competition Authority on 9th January, 2013. His main interests are in competition regulation and also Economics of institutions’ development. In addition, he has been focusing on impact of budget constraints on Agencies’ investigative process and HR policy. He is also well known for his advocacy initiatives, nationally and internationally, geared towards entrenching competition in various sectors of the economy and boosting regional trade. 

Mr. Kariuki is a founder Member and the current Chairman of the African Competition Forum –‘A Network of African Competition Authorities which seeks to promote the adoption of Competition principles in the implementation of national and regional economic policies of African countries’. He is a holder of Master of Science in Economic Regulation and Competition from City University- London; BA-Economics & Business Studies (Kenyatta University) and various Certificates in Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance.

Mr. Mbarani is involved in a number of Board activities for schools and community based organizations.